Obama Speech Demonstrates Capabilty and Compassion over Oily Gulf

President Obama’s recent prime time address from the Oval Office was both heralded and critiqued by a variety of journalistic pundits.    This BLOG post collects and combines several descriptions of the speech’s main points. After that you will find a wide range of commentary from highly complementary to strongly skeptical.  Click the link below to learn more about this social, economic and ecological disaster. The most important thing is for each of us to become educated, enraged and engaged over what has and continues to happen to one of the world’s most precious and precarious natural and social systems.

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Oily Gulf: Whose to Blame and Who Must Pay!?

This First BLOG post summarizes the institutional, social and political causes of the Oily Gulf disaster.  There is plenty of blame, responsibility and cost  to go around.  Learn here about how and why this problem happened.   Help to determine who is responsible and needs to be held accountable.  Here you will find concise summaries drawn from three articles.   Future articles will highlight what is being done by the key institutions, as well as what we can do as individuals.
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