Religion and Spirituality Play Essential Roles in Serving People and Restoring Gulf

As is the case with any disaster, many people in the Gulf region are turning to religion to find comfort, compassion and assistance. At the same time, religious groups of all persuasions are actively trying to embrace environmentalism as a social movement to build their congregations and preach the gospel.  Here I have collected some of the most interesting and inspiring stories about how religion plays an important role in addressing the social and spiritual crisis faced by people in the Gulf. This post summarizes key articles about how religious institutions are helping address the material and spiritual needs of their congregations.  The gulf presents challenges to churches’ budgets, while also driving a new type of spiritual ecology.
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Oily Gulf: Whose to Blame and Who Must Pay!?

This First BLOG post summarizes the institutional, social and political causes of the Oily Gulf disaster.  There is plenty of blame, responsibility and cost  to go around.  Learn here about how and why this problem happened.   Help to determine who is responsible and needs to be held accountable.  Here you will find concise summaries drawn from three articles.   Future articles will highlight what is being done by the key institutions, as well as what we can do as individuals.
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