How To Help

My goal with this BLOG is to educate, enlighten, enrage and engage you over the major social, economic and ecological disaster that is growing in the gulf.  I have worked on environmental protection, social change and community organizing for three decades – as a teacher, researcher and activist.

Like others I am frustrated and angry over how the federal government and BP continue to screw things up through their slow and awkward response.  History has shown that the only way change really occurs and problems get solved is by mobilizing public opinion and social activism.  Here are some ways that each of us can make a difference.

  • Educate yourself and your friends – Learning informs us of ways to help and inspire each of us to make a difference.  Read this BLOG and visit the many original sources that are listed here.  Then talk about the issues and opportunities with other people.
  • Donate time and money – Visit the websites listed here for the various environmental groups.  Each one is credible and doing something to help address the problems in the gulf.  All would like to have more money, volunteers and other resources.  Most also have e-mail lists and other educational resources.

  • Adopt sustainable behaviors and technology – We all need to reduce our consumption of oil, water and other scarce natural resources.  Many of the environmental groups have tons of tips on things each of us can do.  In particular,  we must significantly cut our use of gasoline and other oil-based products.

  • Make your voice heard – As citizens we have the rights and responsibility to pressure and petition our government officials to do what is right and needed.  Contact your elected representatives and the president via the Internet and phone.   Contact the government agencies listed here.  Be heard in the market through support of socially responsible and sustainable businesses.


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