Surveys Reveal the Broad Scope of Negative Socio-Economic Impacts from the BP Oil Spill

The impacts of the BP Oil Spill on individuals, businesses, and communities will take a long time to become fully realized.  Recent survey research helps to document the broad  scope and scale of these impacts.  Understanding what people are going through will be vital for targeting assistance efforts to mitigate the negative economic and social impacts.  This information should also be helpful as lawsuits are launched against BP and other companies.  The stories collected here point to the kinds of questions that need to be answered through careful social science research.
Click below to read results from a variety of surveys.

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Spike Lee’s Latest Katrina Epic Contains Great Insights into BP Oil Spill

This week marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which ravaged New Orleans and much of the same gulf coast that has been damaged by the BP oil gusher.    With all the media coverage, no show will have the long-term impact as Spike Lee’s HBO documentary: ‘If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise.’ I am glad to have HBO but realize many others do not.  I also want to focus this article on what the film covered about the BP Oil Disaster.  This article highlights key lessons from the film about with how corporate greed and governmental ineptitude led to the BP Oil disaster that continues to seriously threaten our communities and ecosystems.  This film will be important for urging us to action now; as well as a historical record for the future of bad luck and trouble in the Gulf. 
Click for the film’s lessons, cool pix and interviews.

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